Lush ‘Ultrabland’ – is boring best?

An avid lover of Lush products, I have tried a fair few of their cleansers. However, nothing quite lives up to ‘Ultrabland’.

Now don’t be mistaken; this product certainly isn’t bland in its effectiveness – ‘Ultrabland’ is gentle, suitable for all skin types and leaves the skin feeling supple and cleansed without a harsh smell or stripped feeling as some other cleansers do.

The only aspect of ‘Ultrabland’ that, at first, threw me off was the texture. It has a somewhat thick, oily residue to it, and originally I found this difficult to work with. However, with a little help from some online reviews I found that this was more of a cleansing balm than any other cleansers I’d tried before from Lush, such as ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ and ‘Herbalism’. It is best applyed by thoroughly massaging into the skin, and removing with a hot cloth/flannel (I prefer the latter). Using hot water breaks the cleanser down and makes it easy to remove, while the flannel gently exfoliates the skin.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful this leaves my skin feeling. My skin has always been combination, and I never really considered using an oil based cleaner before incase it were to bring out the oily nature in my skin. Adding a little oil to your skin however can prevent breakouts, resulting in your skin not over-producing oil due to a lack of it. ‘Ultrabland’ is rich in almond oil, which is great for soothing dry and irritated skin, as well as maintaining a beautiful glow. Despite never suffering too badly with sensitive skin, I wish I’d tried this years ago, as my skin drinks this morning and night.

This may be perhaps the most ‘boring’ of Lush’s fabulous skin-care range, but for me boring is best if your skin can be a little sensitive, and ‘Ultrabland’ is great at bringing your skin back to basics. Follow with a simple serum and/or moisturizer, and you’re good to go.


3 thoughts on “Lush ‘Ultrabland’ – is boring best?

  1. The majority of cleansers I've tried by Lush have been more 'clay' based, where they help exfoliate as well as cleanse the skin. However they're more of a second cleanse product for me, as they don't help remove makeup, whereas 'Ultrabland' does that really well.

    Ah nice! I'll have to give that a go, I've tried a few bits from their Vitamin E range which is really lovely – the Bodyshop facial oil and moisturiser from that range are particularly good. Maybe I'll focus my next blog post on it!

    Oh thankyou! That's very kind, I really enjoyed your post on the Naked palettes, it's unusual to see swatches on the eye as opposed to hand/arm, but it gives a really effective representation of the swatch. Love it!


  2. This sounds great! I have used a lot of Lush products but I have never tried this one! It is true though, that it is best to look up the best way to use their products. Lush products are so special which can be confusing sometimes.

    ● ●


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