The Body Shop: A Skincare Verdict

The Body Shop is a brand that I always go back to, most likely because I have used it for so long. I can remember being a little girl and my mum using The Body Shop satsuma soaps; then later being a young teen smothering my lips in their strawberry pot lip balms.

It seems that, while smelling like a fruit basket is something I’d never turn down, The Body Shop are establishing themselves as a more sophisticated brand, particularly when it comes to skincare. The products this post is based around have much more subtle scents, and are focused on a more gentle, soothing experience while considering everyone’s individual skincare routine.

A wonderful place to begin is with the product that always comes first in my evening skin-care regime, the ‘Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover’. I confess that I do use this to remove the majority of my make-up (not just my eye make-up), and I find it does so very nicely. With a small amount on a cotton pad, even waterproof mascara can be easily budged, and this never stings my eyes. The packaging is simple, yet divine; it’s gentle on the skin and delicate eye area, while providing a wonderful first cleanse to prep your skin for the next step.

Now, unfortunately, I have never fully tested a cleanser by The Body Shop . I know, shoot me down. I’m just currently still obsessed with Lush’s ‘Ultrabland’, but perhaps when I use the last of it I’ll choose either the ‘Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter’, or the ‘Vitamin E Cream Cleanser’. If you have any suggestions or have tried any these that need to be raved about, please let me know!

Speaking of the Vitamin E range, I am border-line infatuated with the ‘Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil’. This product has the most soothing scent (I may have had a little sniff in between sentences), and the consistency is marvellous. It sinks into the skin incredibly quickly, without leaving a residue but still giving the skin a supple, enriched feeling. While this is a staple in my evening skin-care routine, I do use a drop of this in the morning, as it makes my moisturiser and foundation apply like a dream. At £13 this is the most expensive of the three products, however it is much more affordable than most facial oils on the market, particularly as this combines your serum and oil step as one.

Last, but certainly not least, is the lovely ‘Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream’, and boy, is this illuminating. It’s pink in colour, which at first put me off, however this creates a fabulous glow, the pink counteracting any dullness or pigmentation your skin may have. You do need to really work this into the skin, but hey, who doesn’t like a facial massage at the end of the day? This product’s brightening factors really make me want to try the Vitamin E Eye Cream, as it could help conceal dark circles even before makeup. This is a nourishing, yet light moisturiser, and one that I have sadly almost used up. Body Shop, please make this in a bigger size!

Certainly don’t hesitate to let me know your favourites from The Body Shop – they’ve upped their game hugely in the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, their body butters and lip balms will forever be cult classics, but I am loving their new releases. Big thumbs up from me.


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