H&M Is Lovely For Clothing – Who Knew They Did Jewellery So Well?

h&m jewellery

H&M Jewellery Review

Most of my gym clothes are from H&M, as they do loose fitting, comfortable clothing really nicely, and at a much cheaper price than more premium sports brands. I also really enjoy their main clothing range, they very much excel when it comes to basics, like black skirts, jeans and jumpers.

I was recently having a little browse in my local H&M, and decided to brave the accessory racks.  I tend to ignore these sections in high street fashion stores as they can (understandably) be forgotten, to the point where it becomes a sparkly jungle of doom – but boy was I wrong here.
h&m jewelleryNot only were the sections neat, tidy and organised, but the pieces were absolutely beautiful. There were sections for gold, rose-gold and silver, and H&M seemed to stock the same pieces across all three ranges, so you could choose which colour you found suited you best. They stocked some beautiful necklaces and earrings, very simple and delicate – and not un-similar to a few very chic pieces I’ve spotted Essie-Button wearing in some of her videos.

But today, I am here to rave about their ring collection. They had a selection of ordinary and midi rings, all well stocked in different sizes and colours, but still maintaining the simplistic hue that I so love about H&M clothing. None of the rings were too sparkly or over-the-top, but they certainly weren’t boring either, and at £2.99 for a pack of seven, I found it overwhelmingly difficult not to pop them in my basket – and as you can see, I did.

h&m jewellery

They are extremely easy to layer, and certainly rival brands such as River Island and Topshop which are able to charge much more for virtually the same products. I chose gold as most of my other jewellery is gold, but the silver and rose-gold pieces looked equally as beautiful – in fact I may have to pop in store soon to pick up some rose-gold necklaces…. I’ll keep you posted.



10 thoughts on “H&M Is Lovely For Clothing – Who Knew They Did Jewellery So Well?

  1. These rings are really nice, I love fingertip rings! Although I lost a few of mine because they come off easy! H&M is good for jewellery 🙂

    Becca xx



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