Best De-tangling Spray for Difficult Hair: And the Winner is…..

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Revlon De-Tangling Spray Review

Revlon’s ‘Uniq All In One Hair Treatment’ was introduced to me by my mum a number of months ago. She had been holidaying in sunny Egypt when her hair became very tangly due to swimming in the sea. A friend of hers told her she had to try Revlon’s de-tangling spray. She loved the results so much that she not only recommended the product to me, but actually bought me one, as she knew I’d love it.

revlon de-tangling spray

And boy do I. I’ve tried a range of de-tangling sprays in the past, and yes, most of them do just that. But this is so much more. Just a few spritz’s through my hair after washing not only tames my tangly hair, but leaves it soft, smelling incredible, and most importantly frizz-free. My hair has been dyed more times than I’d care to admit, and after de-toxing it over the last year, its condition has improved massively. Unfortunately my hair does retain a frizz as it is naturally very wavy and thick, but this de-tangler creates ringlets in my hair, especially if I leave it to dry naturally.

revlon detangling sprayThe product claims to de-tangle hair, add shine, lock in colour and protect against heat damage. I have been using this all through my hair, but spritz a little extra onto my fingers and use it to really nourish the ends of my hair. It acts like a nourishing hair oil, but without the greasy texture a lot of people struggle with.

Revlon’s miracle product retails at £13.99 for 150ml which, for a salon-style product, I think is very affordable. It lasts a really long time as you only need a small amount, plus it’s always on offer on Feel Unique or Amazon.

Please check this one out, I’ve struggled with my hair for years and this makes brushing it so easy. I’m embracing my curly hair for the first time!


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