Calling all Aloe Vera fans!

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Aloe Vera Skincare Review

Recently, I was lucky enough to sample some products from Forever Living, an aloe vera based brand with the intention of using natural resources in beauty, skin-care and nutrition to give yourself more energy, vibrancy and general well-being. I have used aloe-vera based products for years, due to its medicinal purposes and advantages for sensitive skin, so I jumped at the chance to give some of these products a go.

aloe vera skincareTwo of my favourite products in the range are the Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo and the matching Conditioning Rinse. These have a very natural smell to them, which gave me reassurance that nothing would irritate my hair/scalp, and the formulas to these are very light. Despite them being quite weightless in application, these were still rich enough for my hair, which is quite thick and curly. My hair was left soft and easy to manage, but also squeeeeaky clean. My hair can be very tangly, but I’ve found that these helped de-tangle my hair. If you’re looking for more of an intensive hair de-tangler, check out my previous blog post here.
aloe vera skincare toothpaste The other product I was particularly intrigued by was the Forever Bright Sparkling Aloe Vera Toothgel. Normally never straying from my bog-standard tooth-paste, this was something a little different from me. It’s definitely one from the range I’d consider trying again, as it felt much less abrasive than my normal toothpaste of choice, but still cleaned my teeth just as well – if not better. It also contains bee propolis, a substance that bees collect from leaves, trees and vegetables to disinfect the insides of their bee-hives. In turn, this can be used in products for anti-inflammatory purposes, as well as a mild anaesthetic. Clever, right? This all equates to a gentle, yet effective toothpaste. Pair this with your favourite mouthwash and your gnashers will be sparkly clean in no time.

All in all I’ve been really impressed by this lovely aloe-vera range, and am excited to see more from the brand. I love gentle skin-care but had never  used anything particularly gentle for my hair – and certainly hadn’t thought about using a specialised toothpaste. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or others from the range – they’re definitely worth a try!


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