Inbetween-The-Seasons Makeup: Who Needs a Tan Anyway?

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Inbetween The Seasons Makeup

Yesterday I took a little trip to the drugstore intending to buy a new base product, which in fact resulted in me not just buying a new foundation, but four entirely different base products – oops.  I feel a little inbetween shades at the moment, having had a decent tan over the summer which has faded slightly, leaving me not pale, but not tanned – very annoying, unless you’re a make-up addict like me, in which case it’s actually pretty fun.
I ended up finding some new launches as well as the old favourite or two, so here’s what I picked to suit my new (and wonderfully awkward) ‘tanned but fading’ complexion…
drugstore makeup

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (in Light Beige)

I am a big fan of Bourjois bases, in particular their Healthy Mix range. The serum foundation is my favourite, closely followed by the CC cream that they released recently. For most of the summer I’ve been using L’oreal’s True Match Foundation, which ironically no longer matches my ‘faded tan’ shade, and I have enjoyed it, but have been feeling a change coming on for a while now, despite the awkward tanning problem. As soon as I used Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum this morning I was greeted with a wave of lovely nostalgia, as I remembered every reason why I love this foundation so much. It’s light, yet packs a punch with coverage, and makes you feel like you’re not wearing any make-up at all. Why did I ever stop using this?drugstore makeup

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (in Cool Medium)

Another oldie but a goodie – this concealer has been raved about online more than any concealer I can think of, drugstore or high-end. I’m not going to jabber on too much about this one as bloggers far better than I have reviewed this one to make-up land and beyond, but I will say that the coverage is great, and for under a fiver it really isn’t one to miss.

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream 

This is a product I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while, as I love the classic chocolate bronzer Bourjois are famous for, but have seen many good reviews of the cream formula and have been dying to try it. I wouldn’t say I use this as a BB cream, but more as a classic bronzer to the cheeks and temples. A small pump buffed onto the cheekbones with a foundation or stippling brush gives a beautiful bronzed glow, perfect for topping up that runaway tan.

drugstore makeup

Collection Contour Kit 

I saw a review of this little gem in a video of Zoella’s, and when I swatched it in store I couldn’t resist. The contour colour is a dusky brown, nothing too orange which is great, but the real winner here is the highlight. It’s a real pale pink highlight which I LOVE, and yes, it’s definitely on the glittery side, but it’s gorgeous if you want to go all out with your highlighter – which let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

So really, what we have here are two brands from the drugstore that have proven they can do base products seriously well, and not only that, but they can help a girl in need of inbetween-the-seasons make-up. Bravo Collection and Bourjois – I think you may have created yet another reason to splurge on make-up, and who on earth would complain about that?


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