Barry M Showgirl Mascaras

Barry M Mascara Review

Mascaras from the drugstore have always been my favorites – why always invest money in a high-end mascara when it will dry out within a few months; the higher price tag may be worth it in regards to product performance, but it will still expire, as all mascaras do. So here I am, scouring my local Superdrug for the latest release – but alas, nothing catches my eye. Until WAIT. Beautiful packaging – check. Unique branding – check. Affordable price-tag? Double check.

barry m mascara

The Showgirl Mascaras from Barry M may not be anything new, but for the packaging alone I couldn’t resist picking them up, and at £4.99, you really can’t go wrong. Each mascara has a different selling point – it either lengthens, or it volumizes. The ‘Extra Lengthening Black Mascara’ has a plastic, spiky wand (one I would usually favour) to separate and lengthen, while the ‘Extra Volume Black Mascara’ has a classic, brush style to it, which is designed to add that extra product at the roots to make the lashes look thicker. I’ve tested these out together, alone and in different orders, and every way produces a lovely effect. They by no means have to be used simultaneously, but for an evening look combining the two makes a big difference. If I had to choose between them, I would go for volume. It’s much easier to build up volume than length, but for the best effect I use length first to define, and then go in with volume to thicken things up. If you like big lashes, that are still separated and free from clumps, you should definitely check this lovely duo out.


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