Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette

collection eyes uncovered eyeshadow paletteCollection Nude Palette Review

Collection is a brand that I have been using since I began using make-up. I’m a huge fan of their Fast Stroke Eyeliner, as well as, of course, their Lasting Perfection Concealer. When I heard they were releasing a range of eye shadow palettes, I was a little skeptical – I am an Urban Decay Naked Palette fiend, and find it difficult to waver – but when I saw that they were based on neutrals shades, I thought I’d take a look.

Eyes Uncovered Nude consists of six, very wearable shades: ‘White Chocolate’, ‘Buttercream’, ‘Biscuit’, ‘Chocolate Milk’, ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Espresso’. The names aren’t particularly imaginative, but

drugstore makeup
‘Brown Sugar’ all over the lid, with ‘Espresso’ built up in the crease.

for drugstore eyeshadows to have names is normally very rare, so it’s great that Collection has taken the time to add this little extra.

The pigmentation sadly doesn’t live up to Urban Decay, but really, at less than a quarter of the price I wasn’t really expecting it to. But, if you apply a little eyeshadow primer before-hand, the colour pay-off really is quite good. As for the packaging, I’m a big fan. Its matte black exterior makes it look far more expensive than it really is, and the satisfying ‘snap’ from the metallic closing mechanism is always a plus. 


This is a warm-toned palette, and they do all carry a vein of shimmer to them. There are three palettes in the range, with Nude Bronze and Nude Grey also featuring as extensions to the original Nude, however the original struck me as the most wearable – I will by no means be giving the others a go, and why not for £3.99 a pop?


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