February Favourites

february favourites

February Favourites

Where HAS February gone?

It may be a shorter month, but it’s gone so quick! This month I have lots of skincare favourites, and of course a few makeup favourites thrown in too for good measure. As it’s still pretty chilly outside my skin has been very dry, which is why skincare has been my best friend throughout freezing February.

I’ll get straight into it, with all of the skincare bits I’ve been loving recently.


Simple Cleansersimple cleanser

I have been loving this Simple Kind To Skin Cleanser this month, as it’s kept my skin looking really fresh and has kept most blemishes at bay.
At £2.39 from Superdrug it’s probably the cheapest cleanser on the market, and makes skincare quick and easy. It’s a foaming cleanser, which isn’t my usual choice, but I wanted something low maintenance, that I didn’t need a flannel or cotton pads for.

This is best applied to damp skin, massaged in and washed off. I’ve really enjoyed using this throughout February, and it seems to have stopped any pesky break-outs from appearing.

Simple Moisturizer

I purchased the Simple Kind To Skin Moisturizer to accompany the Simple Cleanser, and it’s been equally as lovely an experience.
It’s lightweight, taking seconds to sink into the skin, and comes in a nifty tube. I much prefer products that are packaged in this way, as opposed to a tub or pot, as it’s far more hygienic.
This skincare pair have been a pleasure to use in February, and I’ll be picking up more from the Simple range for sure!simple moisturizer

Superdrug Eye Cream

The Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream is a product I used to love, but never re-purchased. Eye cream is a step I often skip, but as I’m approaching my mid-twenties I think it’s time to start playing the eye cream game!
A very affordable product, this Superdrug Eye Cream is thick enough to thoroughly moisturize your under eye area, while lightweight enough that it doesn’t make your concealer slip around.
Definitely give this a go if you’re new to eye creams – it’s a really affordable option that will keep your under eyes from getting dry, while preparing the skin for aging in the years to come.superdrug eye cream


Rimmel Foundation

My makeup favourites in February are few and far between – I have a few staple products that I’ve really been enjoying this month, and I haven’t really felt the need to find alternatives.

However, the Rimmel 25 Hour Full Coverage Foundation has definitely been a favourite this month! Having watched Zoella’s latest everyday makeup routine, I listened to how much she loved it and thought I’d give it a go.
It is very full coverage, but I do prefer that in the winter months. You do need to powder with this foundation, as it’s quite tacky to the touch, but I do think this significantly impacts on the longevity of the product. I’ve been wearing this to work everyday, and it’s been lasting a really long time. Great foundation, at a small price!rimmel foundation


Wella Hair Oil

I had my hair cut this month for the first time in ages – I always forget how lovely having your hair cut is, and I’m endeavouring to get it cut more often!
My hairdresser used a very lovely hair oil to both detangle and finish my hair. It’s the Wella Oil Reflections Hair Oil, and it smells amazing. My hair is very dry naturally, and so it drinks oil like nothing else. It leaves my hair feeling super soft all day, and really nourishes the ends.wella hair oil

Barry M Nail Polish

For nails this month I’ve been loving the  Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in ‘Prickly Pear’. It’s a really subtle pastel purple, and it lasts for ages. As it’s a very quick-drying nail polish, you don’t have to wait long before your nails are dry, and the cute names of the colour range are the icing on the cake.

barry m gelly nail varnish polish prickly pear
This is my first blog post in a few months – apologies if you thought I’d disappeared. I’m planning on posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so keep an eye out for my posts! I’ll be sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.


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