Sleek Blushers

sleek blushers drugstore makeup

Sleek Blushes

Blush is a product I’ve never been too concerned with, much preferring a subtle contour to rosy cheeks.

However, throughout winter I’ve really been enjoying the cliche of flushed cheeks, giving the impression you’ve been walking out in the cold on a winter’s day.

To achieve this look I’ve been loving Sleek blushes, as they’re super affordable, they have beautiful blendability and they last all day.


‘Flushed’ is a classic matte, deep pink blush, perfect for giving a flushed appearance to the cheeks.

It’s a little harder to blend than the others as it’s matte, but the pigmentation is superb.

You need the smallest amount on your brush, and I would recommend blending it a little on your hand first.

When applied to powdered skin it blends far more easily, and creates a pretty, flushed look to your makeup.sleek blusher flushed


‘Pomegranate’ is a beautiful purple toned blush, with a slight shimmer running through it.

It is slightly less wearable than the others, but if used sparingly and built up gradually it can be really beautiful.
I love this if the rest of my makeup is quite subtle, perhaps with lots of mascara and a nude lip. Perfect.
sleek blusher pomegranate

‘Rose Gold’

While browsing the aisles I found ‘Rose Gold’, a beautiful peachy gold blush.

I usually choose this colour if I’m looking for a more highlighted effect, that doesn’t add too much colour to my cheeks.

It works beautifully with my paler skin tone, but I think this would look particularly gorgeous on olive/dark skin.sleek blushes rose gold

Affordable Blushes from the Drugstore

These blushes are incredibly affordable, at £4.49 for 8g of product.

Boots and Superdrug always have a fantastic range of blushes on their Sleek counters, so I’d highly recommend checking them out.

Have you tried Sleek blushes before? Let me know if you have any favourites in the range!


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