The Anna and Lily Cult Beauty Box Review!

anna and lily cult beauty box review

I’m such big fans of Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles, so when I heard that they were collaborating with the awesome online beauty retailer Cult Beauty, I had to put my name on the mailing list.

The ordering process went very smoothly – I received an email on the Friday with a link directing me to the order page, and my purchase went through without a hitch.

I received my box within a couple of days, which is fantastic. Normally these things can take weeks, so I was very excited and impressed to see my box on my doorstep only days after ordering it!

Now, let’s start with the packaging.


In true blogger style, the box itself is gorgeous, with beautiful marble detailing and gold lettering.It’s a very decent size, perfect for re-using to store makeup bits etc, and the products were folded in black tissue paper – very fancy.

The products themselves really are excellent. You can tell by the selection that these products are staple favourites for Lily and Anna, and the sizes are very generous.

So, let’s get to what I thought of the products…

cult beauty box

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (100ml)

I have wanted to try this cleanser for the longest time, having heard many reviews from my favourite bloggers, particularly Anna and Lily.

It’s a beautiful texture, almost oily and quite thick. It leaves the skin feeling very nourished and smooth, and it is very gentle. Full of vitamins and essential nutrients, this is a real treat for the skin.

I  was very impressed to receive a full size of this product, as it’s not the cheapest cleanser on the market. I have fallen in love with it, and the packaging is great too!

Becca Backlight Priming Filter (6ml)

I am completely smitten with this primer, and will definitely be buying the full size once this one has run out.

This is a cute travel size, and leaves the most gorgeous glow to the skin.

I’ve even been mixing this in with my foundation, to add extra glow and hydration


Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist (80ml)

I’ve never been much into face mists, but this is lovely. Perfect for a top-up of moisture before you apply makeup, this Pixi face mist really adds that kick of moisture that you may have lost since applying moisturiser.

Containing hyaluronic acid, this face mist has true skincare benefits, and can even be applied over makeup for a cool spritz on warm days.

Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller

I’ve never used a facial roller before, so I was very intrigued by this product.

Regular massaging the face is very good for keeping your skin looking bright, and jade is said to have healing properties.

I love keeping this in the fridge and using it when my skin is red and puffy… or when I’m feeling a little worse for wear. Great for getting rid of hangovers!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Now, this is the only product of the bunch that I am slightly disappointed with.

While it applies beautifully, and it super black, it just isn’t waterproof! It smudges really badly on me, which I never usually have a problem with, and it transfers above my eyelids, which, let’s be honest, is never going to catch on.

I will continue to use this, but perhaps more for natural makeup days, where I just need a really fine line to frame my eyes. I want to love it, I really do. Maybe it just needs to dry out a little?

Wet Brush Pro Classic

If, like me, your hair is like a lion’s mane after it’s been washed, you are going to love this!

It’s the best de-tangling brush I’ve ever used. It effortlessly combs through hair, with no tugging or anything painful.

I used to have to smother my hair in oil before even daring to brush it, whereas now I use only a tiny bit on the ends to keep split ends at bay.

I’m totally converted on this one, and really want one of the travel size ones to pop in my handbag.

anna and lily cult beauty box review

The Verdict

This box retails at 85 pounds, which is very good when you consider this is over half price if you were to buy these items separately.

I’m a huge fan of this box, and am so glad I made the order.

Have any of you tried it? Let me know what you think!


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