Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser: A New Favourite

lush millionaire moisturizer

Lush skincare has always been a favourite of mine; from Herbalism to the Enchanted Eye Cream, I can never resist picking up a new skincare product when I go into store.

The latest addition to my collection is the Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser, a deeply moisturising, crazy glowy moisturiser that is well worth the hefty price tag (IMHO).

I fell in love with this product the second I tried it – it creates the most beautiful base for makeup, and leaves the skin feeling plump and supple.

Ingredients include shea butter, honey, rosewood oil and sesame seed oil, all great for nourishing and moisturising, but also soothing sensitive skin. This also has SPF 30, a fabulous bonus as it keeps the skin protected from the sun too.

lush million dollar moisturiser

Pre-warning: If you don’t like thick, intensive formulas, you probably won’t like this. However I still recommend you get a free sample from Lush – in my experience stores are always great with this, and it will give you the chance to try this product out for yourself before making a purchase.

At £32.50 this is by no means a cheap product, but given that it’s completely gorgeous and damn sight cheaper than most other luxury moisturisers, I’ll certainly be re-purchasing.


2 thoughts on “Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser: A New Favourite

  1. Currently trying out the Lush Celestial moisturizer and I like it a lot! Have you tried it? If you have, would you say this one is thicker than it or not? Also, does it absorb into the skin or just sit on top?


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