THIS WORKS In Transit Camera Close Up

I’m all for a multi-purpose product; if it saves me time doing my makeup in the morning then count me in.

When I received the This Works In Transit Camera Closeup (such a mouthful of a name, thankfully the product is better!) in a recent Birchbox, I really liked the sound of it. It claims to be a face-mask, moisturiser and primer in one, which essentially means that it’s rich enough to be used as an intense moisture boost but also sits well under makeup.

The ethos behind this product is that it’s perfect for creating the perfect skin for ‘close-ups’, i.e. it’s good for wedding photos, events etc.

I can confirm that this creates a beautiful base for makeup, and isn’t the slightest bit greasy. I’m a big fan of the Lush Million Dollar Moisturizer, however it’s nice to use this product on top sometimes to tone down the oily texture.

This product reduces the appearance of pores, plus it keeps redness at bay which is a big plus. I’ve not used this solely as a face mask yet, but I can definitely see how it would work as it’s definitely richer in texture than your standard moisturiser.

This retails at £30.00 on Feel Unique, which isn’t the cheapest product on the market, but if you consider you’re getting 3 products in 1 I think it’s pretty good.

Anyone else loving this one? I’ll definitely be re-purchasing once my sample size runs out.




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