Sephora Collection Illuminate Palette

HOLD THE PHONE; is this a new highlighter palette you say? You’re not wrong, introducing the new highlighter palette in my life, the Sephora Collection Illuminate Palette.

Grand entrance? Yes, but for good reason; this new highlighting palette from Sephora is a gorgeous new addition to my collection. It packs a punch in the pigmentation department, plus it’s kind to those on a budget.

Let’s have a look at some swatches shall we?


1# – The first shade in this palette is a subtle pale pink, perfect for eye shadow or highlighting. I love a little pop of this in the inner corner of the eye, and it’s beautiful over a pinky blush.

2# – Cue the golden goddess shade of the palette. This shade is gorgeous all over the lid, and reminds me of a subtle version of Urban Decay’s half baked. While this is a lovely colour for summer, I can’t wait to team this with Burgundy lipstick in autumn.

3# – Number 3 is a pure shimmery white, not my favourite but definitely has its uses as a brow highlight / intense cheek highlight. Great for nights out when you want to tell the world you’re wearing a highlight.

4# – A stunning yellow-gold, number 4 is definitely my favourite for cheek highlighting. I use this shade all the time, and it hugely reminds me of Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone. LOVE.

5# – While this isn’t a cheek shade I can rock with my complexion, I adore this shade as an eyeshadow. This pairs beautifully with shade 2#, and is another that I can’t wait to pack on in the autumn time.

6# – And last but not least we have a stunning mauve-pink shade, the most wearable colour in the palette in my opinion as it doubles up as a blush and a highlight. Great with a tan as well as brightening paler skin.

Overall I’m very impressed with this palette. Pigmentation isn’t emphatic by any means, but I prefer to gradually build up a highlight rather than worrying I’ve applied too much.


This is an excellent dupe for the Becca Afterglow Palette, which is currently sold out and nearly double the price.

My only qualm with this palette is the packaging. I’d have loved to have seen a mirror with this palette, and the packaging isn’t particularly sturdy. However given that you get a huge amount of product here for your money, I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the current popular highlighters on the market that still packs a punch.


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