HoMedics STRETCH Back Stretching Mat

I’m probably the most casual yoga practiser there is, I find it helpful for anxiety and stress but never have the time to fit it into my day.

The HoMedics STRETCH Back Stretching Mat is perfect for the lazy yoga person like me. It mimics yoga style stretches by inflating air bladders within the mat’s fabric, giving you the affects of a good yoga session in a range of 10 – 15 minute sessions.

When I first laid down to try out this stretch mat I admit I was a little sceptical. How can a massage mat give the effects of a yoga workout, and surely lying down on the floor is just a little too relaxing?

However once I got over the comical effects of the first try (I defy anyone to give this a go and not burst out laughing the first time!), the effects are pretty damn good. It leaves you with that sweet ache that you get after stretching, and leaves you feeling relaxed and tension free. There’s even a comfy pillow to rest your head on which means you can lay back and really relax (yes, it’s definitely possible to fall asleep…).

There are four sessions, each with different benefits to your muscles and back: Twist, Flow, Energise and Stretch. Twist and Flow are the ones I’ve used the most, they’re pretty rigorous so I’d avoid if you’re back is sensitive, but definitely iron out any knots and tension in your back.

Energise I feel is a bit of a gimmick (I definitely didn’t feel particularly energised lying down on the floor!), but stretch is definitely a good one if you work in an office all day like me – perfect for easing those neck pains that come from gazing into a computer screen.

This stretch mat folds up nicely so can be stored away, and are relatively portable if you wanted to take it to a friends for a giggly yoga session. It’s very durable, and the fabric is soft and comfortable to lay on, plus this can double up as a yoga mat if you fancied doing a session beforehand.

It comes with a hefty price tag, but yoga classes can be expensive so this is a nice substitute if you want to save the cash long-term. It’s also a good investment if you have regular back-pain, not that this substitutes a visit to the doctor.

You can buy this directly through the HoMedics website, or via Amazon. Definitely a good one to try if you find yoga difficult to fit into your schedule and like your home massage gadgets!


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