Friction Free Shaving Review: Meet Rose

I recently reviewed the Samantha razor from Friction Free Shaving. It’s safe to say that I’m hooked on the razor subscription model and you won’t be seeing me crawling back to Superdrug or Boots any time soon (friction free shaving discount code at the end of the blog if you’re interested!).

If you read my original Friction Free Shaving review you’ll know that I’m in love with the brand and think it’s an idea long overdue that FFS are tackling; that women’s razors are overpriced and never last as long as you’d hope considering the price you pay for them.

Shaving is also very much an inconvenience, and it’s difficult to psyche oneself up to go and by razor blades. It’s was much easier to keep using that same blunt, semi-rusted razor that’s been sitting on the side of the bath for a few weeks too long – until I met FFS.

Yes, you guessed it, I’m a self-confessed, FFS addict and proud. So when they announced that they were bringing a new lady to their razor family, I had to try it.

Friction Free Shaving Review

Meet Rose. She is as gorgeous as Samantha, but has a few more tricks up her sleeve when it comes to performance which, to be honest, I was sceptical if FFS could improve upon as I was pretty impressed with the Samantha razor.

Rose has 6 blades (yes you heard right, a women’s razor with 6 blades!), which means you can achieve an incredibly close shave with no nicks or cuts to report. She’s a pink, rose gold shade and the handle is weighted as with Samantha, which means the razor is easy to hold and use.


Additional benefits include a styling bikini blade at the back of the cartridge, plus Rose can even be engraved making this a great present for a friend (or an indulgence for you!).

Is it worth cheating on Samantha for? Absolutely, while my old trusty Samantha razor will always retain a special place in my heart, Rose gives a closer shave and comes with the added benefit of a blade cover (thanks for listening to us FFS!) and a nifty shower holder.

Rose is also made of a combination of rubber and metal which I definitely prefer, as I did find I used to drop Samantha sometimes as she was made entirely of metal.


So would I recommend you try Rose? Absolutely, it makes shaving a more enjoyable experience and you’ll never be stuck without decent razors again.

You can even pause your subscription for a month if you’re going on holiday, or even if you find you’re inundated with razor blades a few months in. Simply pause your subscription until you’ve used them up and come back to it when you’re ready.

Friction Free Shaving Discount Code

You can even get 25% off your first box by following this link: and using the code N62WCJ to get started. Let me know how you get on, I’d love to know!



9 thoughts on “Friction Free Shaving Review: Meet Rose

      1. We all have preferences for one type or another of razor.

        You might like to know there are plenty of other options you might prefer on the highstreet that fit the handle (as shown in the video link below).

        I noticed in the previous blog post on the Samantha you wanted something different from the cream they do. With the savings on the highstreet options you could pick up a top brand cream / gel (conditioner I think it was you liked) with the savings made, and you wont even have to leave the same shopping isle, talk about convenient!


  1. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can give me their opinion? Friction free recently reached out to Samantha customers via email offering free upgrade as they are discontinuing the Samantha. They said you can upgrade or continue to receive Samantha fitting blades so it’s not disappearing completely. I’m in two minds whether to swap because although Rose sounds better (from this and many other reviews), I’m worried about changing as Samantha is the first razor i’ve ever been able to use without getting nicked legs at every single hair follicle and horribly inflamed skin. I have really coarse hair and was never able to achieve smooth legs even with exfoliators, moisturisers etc. I guess I feel like i’ve found the perfect combination with Samantha so why change it if it’s the only thing that’s ever worked. I’m even thinking that Rose may be too close a shave and bring back past skin issues. Or it might be even better for me… Anyone got any insights?


    1. I’ve actually gone back to Samantha because I missed it! I received the same email and replied saying I wanted to stick with Samantha and they said that was fine, so maybe email them back too to be safe 😊


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