The Autumn Nail Polish Edit: Calling All Nail Varnish Addicts

I’ve not bought any new nail polish for ages, and with the weather getting more autumnal lately I thought I’d pick up some new autumn-inspired shades.

I tried to choose shades that I know I’ll wear; I’m terrible for buying shades in the moment and then letting them dry up, so I went for some classic shades that are perfect for autumn but can also be worn all year round.

Maybelline are a great brand for nail polishes, plus they had a 3 for 2 on so I picked up a few shades that I absolutely love.

‘Rubies On’

This is a classic ruby red shade, perfect for autumn as it will pair with those gorgeous Burgundy and mustard shades that are coming back in to fashion at the moment.


‘City Smoke’

‘City Smoke’ is a mix between pale blue and grey, and pairs perfectly with navy blue and warm jumpers. A great one for toes too, as it’s part of Maybelline’s 60 second collection so it dries super fast.


‘White Splatter’

A nail polish from Maybelline’s Color Show Top Coat collection, this nail varnish is designed to be used over the top of a white or black polish. I decided to use it on its own, and love the effect.


I’ve found these three nail polishes aren’t prone to chipping, and hold great pigment given the very cheap price point.

What are your favourite autumn nail polishes? Let me know in the comments!


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