May Birchbox Review

may birchbox

So, this is my third Birchbox, and I’ve been really impressed with them so far.

They’re always delivered on time, and come in the most beautiful packaging.

May’s Birchbox has been no different, with a stunning design called ‘For the Dreamers’. Birchboxes are always unique, and this one you can scratch off with a coin to reveal the colourful design within.

may birchbox


There are six products in this month’s Birchbox, and they’re all really good!

Philip Kingsley PK Prep Polishing Balm

This is a really lovely smoothing hair balm, perfect for taming frizz and curlier hair.

I love using this on blow-dried hair, to enhance my curls and keep frizz at bay. It can also be used on damp hair too.

Really lovely product, will be trying more from Philip Kingsley for sure!

Spectrum Collections Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge

This is cheaper alternative to the beauty blender, and at 4.99 it’s a great deal. It’s quite a bit firmer than the beauty blender, but I find that it applies much fuller coverage than other sponges because of this, and it leaves the skin looking really flawless.

I usually dampen it before use, and ‘bounce’ my foundation into my skin. Lovely.

may birchbox review

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

I’m a big coconut oil fan, so when I saw there was a coconut oil sample in May’s Birchbox, I was super happy.

I can’t say it’s a great deal different to other coconut oils I’ve tried, but it’s really nice. Great for a hair mask before bed, a moisturizer and even cooking!

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvinator

This is a really nice exfoliator, but be warned, it’s super grainy! You only need a tiny bit, and you won’t need to rub it into your skin harshly, but it really does leave your skin feeling clean and ultra smooth.

Ingredients include papaya, micro-crystals and aloe vera, giving you optimum hydration and removing dead skin cells.

birchbox review may

Puriskin Resurfacing Cream 

I don’t think I’ve been using this long enough to see the long-term effects, but I have high hopes!

It’s smells divine, and claims to help reduce the appearance of acne scarring, age spots, blemishes, bruises and a whole range of other skin issues.

I’ve been using it on some stubborn scarring – I’ll let you know if it has an effect!

The Balm Staniac Lip and Cheek Tint

This is a really lovely natural blush tint, that can be applied with fingers or a brush.

It’s not quite as good on the lips, as it tastes a bit strange, but would probably work lightly patted in for a natural look.


Have you tried May’s Birchbox? Let me know what you thought!